About Us

Established in 1998, Rosemount Shipping fundamental vision remains unchanged - To become an essential partner in our client’s supply chain management by consistently providing reliable, timely and cost effective logistics solutions, emerging from a perfect understanding of client needs and market conditions to exceed customer satisfaction


Rosemount signals to be the leader in our logistics industry, utilizing new technologies and emphasizing human resource development to provide the highest level of service and value to our customers competencies and develop the most profitable logistics solutions for our customers.


We work with our customers to ensure that their cargo is in safe hands. We underpin this aim with a real drive to deliver the sort of service you can normally find only in a specialised logistics company like Rosemount.

Corporate social responsibility

Responsible business is good business. Our responsibility strategy, Rosemount Captivate, ensures that everyone who works in or with Rosemount benefits from our commitment to behaving responsibly.

In the communities in which we operate, we believe in acting responsibly. We believe that becoming involved in our local communities provides opportunities for us to grow as individuals and as a business, and we actively seek out opportunities for our staff to contribute. At Rosemount, we like to focus our social responsibility on community projects and education.

From an international ocean freight company, Rosemount has evolved into an entire transport chain including logistics services. Our global network of specialized association are with strong, reliable and proven market leaders who offer excellent services to our selective markets.
In this age of globalization whereby business operations are no longer confined to one country or region, companies are more comfortable to work with logistics partner who can meet their freighting, warehousing and distribution needs swiftly, at local and global levels. The combination of technology and human potential assure excellent service for our customers at all times. Cooperation with Rosemount increases the competiveness of our customer.
Thanks to our sound financial base, we are able to approach even the largest and most complex of projects with confidence and ease.
Our company continues to experience steady growth. Our core competencies are being constantly broadened into ocean freight and allied logistics services. In the years to come, Rosemount's network will significantly expand as a global company.

Chairman and Managing Director