Human Resources for you

It is the hard work and dedication of talented individuals in every part of our business that helps us deliver innovative and creative solutions to our clients, and achieve the challenging business goals that we set for ourselves. At Rosemount Shipping, we are committed to building our business for the benefit of those who work in it, and we cultivate a friendly environment where everyone’s voice is heard, where problems and successes are shared, and where our passion for what we do inspires our work.

As well as their obvious technical ability, people who apply to join us will need to demonstrate genuine enthusiasm for their work and a real ability to inspire us and our clients with their creativity. We look for people who will support our core values of - committed, passionate, expert, responsible and supportive - and who will embrace the opportunities that come with working in a supportive, Partner-led team within an ambitious and international business.

If you are one of those people, then check out the “functions tab” given below