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Our vision is to be India's most trusted logistics partner.

We provide end-to-end services for your unique business need -deliver integrated supply chain solutions to leading companies across the globe.

We continue to be a cornerstone and leader of Logistics in the South Asian Marketplace. 

Utilizing new technologies along with decades of experience to provide the highest level of service and value to our customers. 

Our Expertise

As an important element of the value-added chain, every logistics partner has to prove reliability in the long term. This is valid for both the financial and cultural backgrounds of a company. At Rosemount, we pride ourselves on being a reliable, sustainable, and ambitious organization with a widespread network of connections. Working closely with our customers to ensure their cargo is delivered stress-free. 

Our Philosophy

Leading the way in logistics solutions. We’re about people and relationships. Together we find solutions and don’t take our relationships for granted.

We’re transparent, honest, and ethical in our interactions with our colleagues, customers, suppliers, and the public. 

We’re all equal and we treat each other with respect. We are one team working towards a common goal. We get the best results when we cooperate and uphold our mutual responsibilities.

We trust in each other to deliver. We trust in the good intentions of each other and we’re rewarded for that. We accept that trust must be earned and can’t be taken for granted.

Our Commitment to Results

We lean on four pillars to achieve our results:

Great people: Together we’re Rosemount's greatest asset. We’re hardworking, practical, and resilient. 

Inspirational leaders: Together we inspire. We bring out the best in each other. We create a sense of purpose. We empower, value, and recognise our people.

High-performance teams: Together we unite. Teamwork gives us our edge. We work together with energy, determination, and focus. We respect each other.

Exceptional performance: Together we deliver. We think Big. We set high standards. We’re ambitious. We deliver.

These pillars provide the foundations we need to continue to grow our business with a focus on the future.

Our Experience

Starting off as an international ocean freight forwarding company- Rosemount has evolved into a one-stop logistic solution hub.

Our global network holds alliances with well-routed, reliable, and established transportation hubs that offer world-class service to our clients.

Image by Adrian Sulyok

Our Management Team

are constantly looking to improve our high-performance culture so our people can continue to perform at their best. We want to challenge the status quo and achieve new levels of performance and customer service. We do this when we work together.

George Thomas 

Chairman and Managing Director

We deliver integrated supply chain solutions to leading companies across the globe.


Proudly Indian-owned and operated over 25+years- being the captain of Rosemount Shipping has been an absolute pleasure. It's not work when you love what you do. 

Being able to lead a young, innovative, and vibrant team has been the main goal and focus over the past decades. 

Our clients can peacefully hand over their logistics needs and know it will be managed by a premium service. 

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